What is Support-Driven Growth?

Support-Driven Growth is a relatively new trend in the digital business. Plenty of companies refer to customer service being the heart of the business. With Support-Driven Growth, it actually is. 

The support team is very often the first interaction prospective customers have with the company. By putting in place the right opportunities, time and skills you can help your team go far beyond “helpful and kind” into true partnerships that deliver more value for our customers and business growth.

To the uninitiated, “Support-Driven Growth” might first appear like a fancy name for customer success — but it’s much more than that. At the risk of sounding grandiose, Support-Driven Growth is a new way of doing business. 

You can find a bit more about this trend here www.helpscout.com/blog/support-driven-growth

What you will do really matters!

Support-Driven Growth work will help the company to feel more connected than ever before and for you to be an integral part in our startup challenge. We would like every candidate to know exactly how they can make a difference and make the company better.

What do we offer?

  • Full training for the role and options to expand within the team.
  • The passionate young team that is eager to run forward.
  • Be part of a young startup from the early days, that already is growing at triple-digit number year or year.
  • Exciting and active role in a challenging environment of the travel industry.
  • Open-space office in Riga city centre.
  • 15 hours a week flexible part-time role depending on the workload.
  • Bonus/Commission Scheme after probation period.

What skills are we looking for? 

There are some requirements that we are looking from you (those are not obligatory however as we provide full training):

  • Well-written skills in English and Russian.
  • Experience with low-end database systems (preferably Google Sheets).
  • Good sense for deadlines ls and setting your own priorities.
  • Experience with tasks management, preferably using task-tracking tools.
  • Passion for teamwork, customer support & learning.
  • Passion for the travel industry.

Skills for standing out:

  • Experience in client management and customer support through digital communication channels (Email / Chat)
  • Experience with CMS management (preferably WordPress)
  • Experience in Social Media account management and reporting (Facebook/Instagram)

What are the duties descriptions within the project?

  • Learning to understand the customer journey for a deep understanding of their experience in using our products and service, and live out the entire process customers go through, from the first touch through trialling, paying, and active use. 
  • Providing customer support via various text-driven channels (E-mail/Messenger/WhatsApp) and boost current approach in customer response rate for efficiencies allowing those run faster through automation, and suggest improvements.
  • Managing Booking and Partner Management Systems, through necessary amendments and troubleshooting, to ensure reliability at higher run-rates.
  • Training and Automating the internal Helpdesk System through various “if-then” scripts and platform iterations for more effective robotic-powered customer support. Maximize current approach for efficiencies (allowing to run it faster), and suggest improvements.
  • Being bridge support for various teams involved via various communication channels.
  • Managing time effectively and prioritizing your Task list so that you are in control of your time, rather than being dragged from task to task by other people.
  • Deepen your product and industry knowledge to become a subject matter expert in all the most common issues for customers and answer questions on the fly and really know your stuff. The more you understand the ecosystem our customers live in, the more helpful you can be in guiding through it.
  • Learning really (!) fast.

If you are interested, please let us know today via hi@maverickstravel.com or directly to the person you’ve already been in touch with.