Newport Beach, California Whale Watching & Dolphin Cruise Tour

Who needs the Discovery Channel? Just imagine looking for the world’s biggest mammals in their natural habitat! Prepare to see the majestic creatures calmly swim and dive while you take photos and absorb the breathtaking scenery. You shouldn’t miss this exciting close-up encounter with the Giant Sperm Whale, the largest of the toothed whales. The 95% whale spotting success rate means you are guaranteed an 80% refund if your tour does not see a whale.

The shores and waters of California are breathtaking, but with the presence of the whales, words can truly not describe how magical the experience is, and we have made it our passion to create an epic day out at sea for those wanting to witness wild whales swimming in the Arctic. Come and experience the great creatures of the Sea.

The coast of Newport Beach in California is the prime area for spotting whales. The prime whale-watching season starts mid-October. That’s when the first whales visit the coast to feed on herring and mackerel. Soon enough, hundreds of ocean’s giants join the feast. And we are heading out as well. Remember to bring your camera, as there is a good chance for fantastic photo opportunities. This is a fantastic trip if you like to explore the beautiful nature of California while taking great photos. Select from several whale watching cruise times daily and year round.

Our whale watching & dolphin cruises view giant blue whales, finback whales, grey whales, humpback whales, minke whales, several species of dolphin and much more.


Specifically designed for whale watching, the modern catamarans used in Kaikoura are equipped with noise minimising engines that significantly reduce underwater noise and have toilets that do not pollute the sea. The spacious main passenger cabin is fully enclosed with air-conditioning, plasma tv screens and comfortable seating and the outside viewing decks offer great photo opportunities.

Our skippers and guides have great knowledge and a lot of experience to keep you safe and comfortable while watching whales in the wild. We have a tremendous amount of respect for these animals and have made a promise to make a minimal impact on the animals while still being able to witness them in their wild habitat.


  • Return transfers from our booking office in town to our marina
  • 1.5 hrs on the water experiencing nature at its best


Operates every day of the year (weather permitting) except Christmas Day

Other Information

  • If you are susceptible to motion-sickness Whale Watch offer Aqua Straps for hire or purchase. Natural active motion-sickness tablets are also available but they are not permitted to sell medicated options. These can be purchased at the local pharmacy in the town centre. All Whale Watch tours are graded with a seasickness warning announced over the PA system prior to the tour departure
  • Children under 3 years are not permitted
  • There is a high demand for our tour in our summer months (Nov-Mar) so we recommend booking well in advance
  • There is a 95% success rate with an average of 1-2 sperm whale sightings per tour. If your tour does not see a whale you will be refunded 80% of your money back
  • We recommend dressing warmly and having flat shoes on
  • There is a cafe & retail department at the office
  • No food, drink or film are sold onboard the boats


~1.5 hours


  • Davey’s Locker Sport Fishing & Whale Watching office in Newport Beach, Balboa Peninsula right by Balboa Peninsula.
  • 9 am – 6 pm all year


  • Adult: from $28.00 USD
  • Child (3-12yrs): from $26.00 USD