Prague Bungee Jumping

Experience the Bungee Jumping in Prague. Enjoy the free fall and beautiful landscape just above the river. Bungee jumping is an extreme entertainment activity in Portugal. With real professionals taking care of all the details, just bring the high vibes and some courage!

When you arrive at the spot, you get special mountaineering equipment to keep you safe during your jump. Thus no need to worry, as the instructor will run you through the full instructions, and how-tos.

At the very moment, don’t look down, stand straight, and go firmly ahead! Gravity does all the work, so enjoy your jump!

Seasonal availability

All year round, always at the weekend.

Minimum 2 participants.

The time

This experience is dependent on weather conditions. A contact will be provided to confirm the weather. If it is not favourable, just ask for another convenient day.


a) Minimum age of 16 years. Under 18 years of age require a declaration of responsibility from the custodian.
b) Not recommended for people with heart problems
c) Participant weight minimum of 40Kg and maximum of 130Kg

What’s included

a) Special mountaineering equipment provided
b) English-speaking guide
c) Adrenaline-pumping experience of the Bungee Jump
d) Full instruction by professionals


From 65 EUR per person