San Francisco Jet Ski Experience

Like a Motorcycle on the Waves – speed, agility, and wave-riding fun! That’s the thrill of a jet ski ride around the San Francisco area. You can zip in where the big boats dare not sail. Jet skis might just be the coolest water ride ever intended! Fun and safe for the whole family, jet skis let you decide where to go, what to see and how fast you’ll get there. And what a better place for that than San Francisco rivers and lakes with their scenery.

About the experience

San Francisco City is surrounded by water, and the only way to appreciate the true size and beauty of it and the surroundings is to watch those from the water. Our guided jet ski San Francisco tours will get you right up to the local rivers and lakes so much more. This tour is enjoyable for experienced jet skiers as well as first-time riders.

Additional information
a) All Rentals include: Wetsuits + Riding Gear + Safety Equipment
b) You will receive a brief and informative safety class before the ride
c) You do not need ANY Jetski experience prior to, however, in this case, mandatory Instructor guidance will be required
d) You will operate your own Jet Ski while following a guide to ensure your safety
e) In accordance with Latvia State Law, you must be 18 to operate a jet ski and 16 to ride as a passenger
f) Photo I.D. is Required


Short Trip: 10 min
Medium Trip: 20 min
Long Trip: 30 min
Door to door: ~ 1-1.5 hour


Weekday: From 78 USD per person
Weekend: From 88 USD per person